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zeugirdor994 asked:

Not to mention it's naive as fuck to expect to make a living as an artist these days. You have to be something truly special to make it as an artist when there are so very many others out there.


This, THIS IS TRUTH. Even freaking popular artists have to do what they can to stay relevant. Many go to conventions and not just one convention but many around their states or even nationwide. They put in the work to freaking survive. I do this and have a side job like many more before me and many more after.

The person I see as an artist that made it big in the recent years is Dan Luvisi of LMS. The guy has figures being made of his art and freaking Funko Toys have a figure of his character for an exclusive. He isn’t set for life and he still pushes out content but shit… It’s all about branding yourself and constitanly pushing out content.

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